How To Make It Happen.

Integrate the 5A’s into your daily practice to ensure that for every patient, at every visit, tobacco use status is queried and documented.

ASK all clients about tobacco use at every contact with all clients

  • “Have you used tobacco in the last 6 months?”
  • Ensure tobacco use status is documented

ADVISE all tobacco users to consider quitting

  • Urge every tobacco user to quit in a way that is personally relevant

ASSESS tobacco users’ readiness to quit

  • Ask every tobacco user if they are ready to make a quit attempt at this time
  • Assess how important it is for them, and how confident and ready they are to make a change

ASSIST according to client readiness/stages of change

  • Build motivation to change
  • Help the patient to make a quit plan

ARRANGE for referral and follow-up

Download the printable 5A’s pocket card.